Cluck is chicken-central for anyone who keeps a backyard flock or is just curious about why chickens are the fastest growing hobby in America.


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Chickens are our connection to the local food movement.
And they’re very amusing pets.


Cluck is your source for all things chicken.

At Cluck, you will find organic and custom-milled feed, veterinary supplies, brooders, waterers and beautiful coops made by local craftsmen. We also have assembled an amazing array of original art, greeting cards, housewares, gifts, kitchen items and more – all celebrating Gallus domesticus.

But more importantly, Cluck is a place where chicken-keepers can learn about chickens, meet up with other chicken people, share stories and advice, and find products and ideas that will make chicken-keeping more fun and interesting.

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CLUCK does not sell chicks or chickens, but we will happily recommend sources we have found to be reliable.